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Welcome to Pearl Merchandise Pvt LtdWelcome to Pearl Merchandise Pvt Ltd
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Welcome to Pearl Merchandise Pvt Ltd

Pearl Merchandise Private Limited deals in export and import of products in the following categories:

Engineering Products
Plearl Merchandise Pvt Ltd, through its group associate companies, has the facilities to design, manufacture and supply various process plant machineries ,such as spray dryers, Tube bundle dryers, flash duct dryers, spin flash dryers, heat exchangers, reaction vessels, agitators, pharmaceutical plant and machinery, custom built skid mounted process units, bag filters, filter press, package R O plants, package DM water plants, Dairy plant equipment, package boilers, hotel kitchen equipment, hydraulic hoses, any other plant and machinery items for process plant, fruit processing, food processing based on customers specifications.

Chemicals and Mineral Products
Our range of chemical products include, bio fertilizers, magnesium sulphate, zinc sulphate, aluminum sulphate, water treatment chemicals, lab chemicals, caustic soda flakes, calcium hypochlorite, lavigated china clay(Kaolin), micronised Kaolin, Detergent powder formulation in bulk, Dextrose monohydrate, malto dextrine of different DE, Pre-gel starch and minerals such as feldspar and iron ore etc.

Pharmaceutical Products
We manufacture various pharmaceutical formulations in a state of the art manufacturing facility. The pharmaceuticals manufactured and supplied by us include Tablets, Capsules, oral suspensions, liquids, and creams for external use. We can undertake supply of pharmaceuticals on customer brand name also. Our formulations, apart from others also include Vaginal suppositories, Sildenafil citrate(both in tablet and oral jelly form), Iron capsules as ferrous fume rate or ferrous sulphate , pain relieving creams, antiseptic creams and energy powders in different flavours etc. We also manufacture and supply as per customer specified formulation under their own brand name. The importer is advised to verify the statutory regulations pertaining to pharmaceutical imports into their country.

Personal Products
Various personal products we manufacture and supply include, incense sticks, mosquito repellant coils, Soaps including antibacterial soaps, detergents, cold water soluble starch etc.

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